Energy-Saving and Manpower-Saving


Energy-saving Clearer Waste Collector (CWC) prevents fly accumulation (pneuma-less type)

The CWC deposits bottom clearer fly into the waste trough, where a conveyor belt carries it to the waste container at the out end. The pneuma-less suction mechanism uses far less electricity and simplifies maintenance. The elimination of pneumatic noise and microscopic dust improves factory environment.

FRD Stationary Doffer for Roving Frames

Toyota’s FRD stationary doffer for roving frames has forks that simultaneously hang on the full bobbins and empty bobbins, thus dramatically reducing the stoppage time required during doffing. Downtime is 3.5 minutes, the shortest in the world. Because it’s simply designed and independent of the roving frame, maintenance is easy. Toyota guarantees that the FRD will give stable doffing.