Air Pressure

20% DOWN

The new Air-Saving System achieves low-pressure weft insertion. It also enables a reduction in supplied pressure from the air compressor.



Automatic Brake System

Prevents yarn breakage by
controlling peak weft tension, while
providing effective air savings.

New Tapered Sub Nozzle

Optimized taper angles allow even more stable weft insertion at a lower pressure.


Toyota has developed a proprietary reed that allows weft insertion at low pressure.

New Electric Drum
Pooling (EDP)

A new high-performance
motor delivers improved
responsiveness at higher speeds.

Independent Main Tank by Color

Pressures can be set separately for each color.
A newly optimized placement of the tanks and
valves reduces losses in piping distribution.

New High-Efficiency Valve

Improved reliability and service life.

New Front-Injection Stretch Nozzle

This stretch nozzle can be used without damaging the reed.

Automatic Pick Controllers


Abundant control devices promote stable weft insertion at high speeds

Advanced Technologies in Pursuit of Further Savings in
Air Pressure and Air Consumption

Intelligent Air-Saving System (IAS)*

P Monitor

Air consumption reduction can be achieved by analyzing operating status and optimizing air pressure.

Both operating pressure and air consumption can be monitored. Alarm functions make it easy to control operating costs.