Factory Management

FACTToyota FACTory Management System

Toyota developed this new factory management system based on the Toyota Monitoring System (TMS), which was well received in the JAT710. Data such as shift reports and stop analysis graphs currently available can be displayed, as well as various breakouts showing operating status according to actual factory layout.

Stop Analysis Graph

Operating Status Screen

Operating Status Screen

Uses a roll map to show stoppage location and the cause of the stop. This boosts the efficiency of the inspection process.

Operation Monitor Mode
Gives easy-to-see operating conditions according to actual factory layout.

Doffing/Warp Out Forecast Mode
Predicts which looms will require cloth doffing and which will have warp out within the next hour.

Air Consumption Mode
Looms with abnormal air consumption are shown in red.

Best/Worst Report
Automatically displays the 10 best and 10 worst looms in terms of capacity utilization and number of stops. Can be used for deploying setting conditions across all looms for optimal operation.

TMS (Toyota Monitoring System) will continue to be available.