The spindle and draft drives use motors and inverters with
high-performance, high-efficiency, energy-saving features

Quick Traverse Mechanism

In addition to the high-efficiency induction motors used in conventional models, the RX300 can be fitted with an optional super-energy-saving motor and a special inverter. These two options employ new technologies that enable energy-saving operation with even greater efficiency.

In the pursuit of extending the grinding intervals—and eventually the life—of critical consumables such as cots and aprons, Toyota introduces a “Quick Traverse Mechanism.” Unlike with the conventional single traverse or the more accomplished twin traverse mechanisms, the dwell time at traverse reversal is eliminated; thus there is no uneven wear on the cot surface. This traverse mechanism is linked to the gearing through a cam system and hence does not need an independent drive source.

The super-energy-saving motor makes it possible to
reduce power consumption by approximately 5%