High-Speed Auto Doffer

Robust Frame Structure Ensures Precise Operation over Long Periods of Use of the Long Frame

Full and empty bobbins can now be handled at high speed accompanying the increase in the number of spindles. It has become possible to transfer 40 bobbins per minute, and coarse yarn counts can also be handled.

Spring pieces made of cast iron (3 pieces used for each block [48 spindles]) Integrated
right-left roller stand made from die-cast aluminum

Stable long-term operation with extra spring piece

Easy centering of the bottom roller

Various types of yarn such as compact yarn, fancy yarn, and siro yarn can be spun on this long-frame machine that
can accommodate up to 1,824 spindles.

Toyota’s Proprietary Positive Lifting Mechanism

Instead of belts, the RX300 incorporates a screw shaft positive lifting mechanism. This eliminates disparity in the ring rail motion during long periods of continuous operation. The RX300’s smooth lifting motion also eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional lifting systems. Disruptions, such as stoppages that often occur during ring rail inversion and annoyances like chattering during descent, become things of the past.